Nobody's Talking To Me

After an unprecedented three years on the road with the sell-out hit comedy ‘It’s the Real McCoy’ playwright Tommy Marren presents his brand new play that promises just as many laughs in a rip-roaring new two-hour Irish comedy set in rural Ireland in 1968. The action takes place in the kitchen of Mattie and Maggie Conway on the day of their 50th wedding anniversary. However, what should be a day of great celebration is anything but! The ‘happy couple’ haven’t spoken a single word to one another for 10 years and when the parish priest decides to surprise them by dropping in to renew their marriage vows all hell breaks loose! The action is frantic and bit-by-bit we find out why communications between Mattie and Maggie have broken down. Mattie’s eccentric sister Minnie, who has lived in the house all her life, is feeling the pressure and with the Conway’s only daughter Josephine courting Andy Walsh – best described as ‘a sandwich short of a picnic’ – the plot thickens by the minute! The fact that Bartley O’Dowd’s wake is taking place next door doesn’t help matters either! Add to the mix a complicated crossword, an over-used handkerchief, the appearance of an old flame and a surprise party where none of the guests talk to one another you’re in for a bellyful of laughs! Stand by for a night of hilarious one-liners and put-downs as ‘Nobody’s Talking To Me’ takes you on a two-hour rollercoaster of Irish comedy. EARLY BOOKING STRONGLY ADVISABLE!