Paddy O' Brien - My Kind of Country

Waterford’s country music star Paddy O’Brien looks forward to bringing his “My Kind Of Country” concert tour to BRU BORU THEATRE on Thurs 30th March. On the night he’ll be joined by a number of special Guest Artists including TR Dallas, Shaun Loughrey and Keelan.

This year Paddy celebrates 30 years in Country Music. Throughout his career he has recorded 32 albums all of which are available on CD while 16 are also on DVD. He has numerous hits including “Marion’s Rose” “Louisiana” “Keep On The Sunnyside” “Heaven Won’t Be Heaven” “You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore” “Never Grow Old” “Out To California” “Thibodeaux And His Cajun Band” and many more.

For a great night’s entertainment make sure you join Paddy and Guests at BRU BORU THEATRE on Thurs 30th March and hear him sing many of his hit songs plus other great classics from legends like Slim Whitman, Marty Robbins and more. To book your seat for this super show call 062 61122

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